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City Newspaper Extra Edition October 8, 2021

Update : 2022-1-28

Delivery of Foods and Daily Necessities
And Lending of Pulse Oximeters
From October 12 to People in Need during Home Recuperation,

Free of charge, and to be delivered at the front door, avoiding face-to-face contact

Support Measure (1)
Deliver Commodities to Families with a PCR-positive Person


To last for three days, such as retort foods, canned foods, daily dishes, snacks, vegetable juice, dietary supplement jelly, etc.

Daily commodities (as necessary)

  • Alcohol sterilizer, tissue paper, toilet paper and garbage bags (45L)
  • Diapers for adults and babies, sanitary goods and powdered milk


Support Measure (2)
Lending of Pulse Oximeters

To PCR-positive people who do not have a pulse oximeter

  • Returning
    After the recuperation, put the pulse oximeter in the return envelope and mail it in the post.



  • Seikatsu Shien Moshikomi Senyo Dial (Dedicated dial to request support for daily life)
  • 電話番号 (048) 922-0187 (9時0分 ~ 17時0分 on weekdays)

In addition, Saitama Prefecture provides delivery service of foods (to those whose test results are positive).

Requests to Citizens

Reserve foods and other necessities before home recuperation.

During home recuperation, you are not allowed to go out for 14 days. Prepare necessary daily commodities now, including food which you can eat even when you are in poor state of health and drinking water.

How should we evacuate with the possibility of infection?

We are in the typhoon season now. Flood as high as the 2nd floor or higher is not estimated in Soka City. Evacuate to the 2nd floor or higher in times of flood damage.

People with the possibility of infection are to stay in a separate space in an evacuation shelter, so tell at the reception desk that you may possibly be infected.


  • Kiki Kanri-ka (Crisis Control Section)
  • 電話番号 (048) 922-0614
  • FAX (048) 922-6591

Vaccination and infection control measures will be appreciated.

We are still at the risk of infection in daily life environments, such as in the workplace and at home. It is not somebody else’s business. Be aware that it is your own issue, and your cooperation will be appreciated so as to prevent the collapse of local medical system.

To those in the 20’s and in the 30’s

  • The reservation for vaccination is being received from all those of age 12 or over. Reservation with a smartphone is easy and advisable.
  • Prepare the vaccination voucher at hand and read the QR code.


What Should We Do When We Are Possibly Infected with COVID-19?
Keep this newspaper within your sight, and make use of it.

Major Streamline

  • The appearance of symptoms which imply infection, such as fever
  • The notification from the medical institution where you had the test
  • The contact from the public health center
  • Recuperation
  • The end of recuperation period

(1) Write down.

  • Symptoms:
  • Date when symptoms appeared
  • Underlying diseases and past illness
  • Actions in recent days
  • One day before the appearance of symptoms (or the test)
  • Two days before the appearance of symptoms (or the test)
  • Last working day (or absence)

(2) Talk with your home doctor on the phone.

  • If you do not have a home doctor, …
    Search a medial institution on the search system of Saitama Prefecture for designated diagnosis and test institutions. Make a reservation on the phone in advance.
  • If you wonder which medial institution to choose, …
    Consultation is provided at Saitama Prefecture Diagnosis Consultation Center 電話番号 048-762-8026 FAX 048-816-5801
Take a PCR test.

You will receive the test result. Refrain from unnecessary or unurgent outings until the result is confirmed.

(3) If the test result is positive, the public health center will contact you.

The call may be from other phone number than the main number of the Soka Public Health Center.

  • In case there are many positive persons, it may take a few days before you receive the phone call.
  • If the condition gets suddenly worse, dial Soka Hokenjo (Soka Public Health Center). 電話番号 (048) 925-1551


  • Recuperation place is chosen and recuperation starts.
  • Home recuperation Lodging recuperation Hospitalization

Major Explanation by the Public Health Center

  • Explanation of recuperation period and sterilization
  • Explanation of family living together to refrain from going out
  • (Depending on the symptoms,) Explanation of hospitalization or lodging recuperation

What to Be Questioned

  • Whether the name and address of the positive person is correct
  • Symptoms and progress as well as whether the positive person has underlying illnesses and past diseases
  • The phone number and the contact number other than the patient (such as the guardian)

(4) What to Do in Home Recuperation


See the guidelines of Saitama Prefecture.

Prevent Domestic Infection.

Be sure to wash your hands, to ventilate air, to sterilize things and to avoid contact.

  • All the family are to wear a mask and to wash hands frequently.
  • Close garbage bags tightly before taking them out.
  • Sterilize the common use articles, such as the table, door knobs and switches.
  • Stay in a separate room from the positive person.
  • Ventilate the air.
  • Wash dirty linens and clothes.
  • Family living together, too, are to avoid unnecessary and unurgent outings.
  • The positive person is to be taken care of by a limited member.
Prepare necessities for daily life.

Check if you have enough foods and daily commodities, and supplement the shortage.

Prepare for health monitoring.

Answer the phone to tell the temperature in the morning and in the evening as well as the measuring result of the pulse oximeter.

We are ready to help you if you are in need.

(5) The End of Recuperation

The period of recuperation depends on the symptoms and progress.

Guidelines of Recuperation
  • 10 days have passed from the appearance of symptoms.
  • 72 hours have passed after getting better.

If you meet both of the conditions above, you may leave the hospital or end the recuperation.