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Influenza Preventive Inoculation for Elderly People

Update : 2021-9-21

Seasonal Influenza Prevention Injection will start for the people over 65 years old.

We recommend getting an injection before Influenza is being spread.
Also please keep hand washing, gargling, taking nutoritious foods and getting enough rest and sleep to prevent influenza.

Soka City will be sent the notices to the subjected people in the end of September.
Please contact with a designated medical institution in advance and check the time.

Eligible people

(1) People of 65 and above on the day of inoculation.
* Soka City Hall sent a medical examination notice in late of September.
Please be inoculated at a designated medical institution with a medical examination notice and a health insurance certificate card.

(2) People between the ages of 60 and 64 on the day of inoculation and have disable handbook with the first-class condition with regard to functions of heart, kidney, breathing organ or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
* Soka City will send a medical examination notice to the people who were inoculated last year in late of September.

(!) If (2) people didn't receive a notice letter, apply to Kenko Dukuri-ka (Public Health Section)
with a disable handbook.

Inoculation Period

October 1 (Fri.) to January 31 (Mon.), 2022

At where Inoculation Place

At the designated medical institutions in Soka City

* A list of the designated medical institutions is enclosed in the notice letter.


1,000 yen

* Free for the people over 75 years old as of the injection day, the person who receive welfare benfits and the person who receive the subsidy of Japanese War Orphans from China.
* Need fee for the tax-exempt person.
* If (1) and (2) people take an inoculation outside Saitama prefecture they have to pay personally.

(!) In case a person who wants to be inoculated outside Soka city and Yashio City but in Saitama prefecture: Satarts from October 20 (Wed.) Need to apply at Kenko Dukuri-ka (Public Health Section) in advance from October; we will send a questionnarire in exchange for a notice.

Notice: You cannot take influenza inoculation two weeks before and after COVID-19 vaccination.


Kenko Dukuri-ka (Public Health Section))
Tel (048)-922-0200