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Soka City

Which Phone Fraud Occurred in Soka City?

Update : 2022-1-21

Ore-ore Swindle

(1)"Ore-ore Swindle" from pretended relatives in distress

A phone call from my son or grandson, saying …

"Please raise money for me."

"I sent an important document to a wrong address."

After hanging up the phone, a person calling himself his superior came to my house soon, and I handed him the money.

Refund fraud

(2)Refund fraud

A phone call from the City Hall, saying …

"You are eligible to receive the refund of medical expenses."

"You are to receive the refund because the medical system was changed."

I was told I could go through the procedure at an ATM. I followed the instruction to go to an ATM and to operate the machine, not knowing it was in fact a transfer procedure.

Savings Damage

(3)Savings Damage

A phone call from the police or from a department store, saying …

"Your cash card went through an unauthorized use."

After hanging up the phone, a person calling himself/herself a policeman or a worker at the Japanese Bankers Association visited my house and I handed him/her my cash cards.

Fictitious Fees Claim Fraud

(4)Fictitious Fees Claim Fraud

An e-mail at my cell phone, saying …

"We cannot confirm your payment of utilization charge."

Dialing the number written on the e-mail, I was told that I have not paid the utilization charge of an app, and was instructed to buy electronic money to make payment.

Answer: All the (1) to (4) really occurred in Soka City.

The victims said, "I knew about the criminal techniques, but I never thought I would be taken in," or "I knew about the tricks, but I never thought the phone I received was the fraud."
Be aware that anyone can receive phone calls of fraud, and suspect it may be a phone fraud if the caller talks about money.

Ms. Soma
Ms. Soma, Unit chief of the Community Safety Section of the Soka Police

Message from Mr. Omura, the Head of the Soka Police

The number of crimes is on the decline in recent years, but the damage by phone fraud to swindle the money or cash cards of senior citizens remains high.
In Soka City, 21 cases of damage occurred, as of September 9, and the total of about 38 million yen of senior citizens' precious assets was swindled unjustly.
The Soka Police will earnestly continue investigation to arrest criminals of phone fraud and activities to prevent damage.

 Mr. Omura,
Head of the Soka Police

Practicable Measures against Phone Fraud

Set your phone to the automatic answering mode.

Do not tell your code number, while talking about refund, an ATM or the code number, even if the person calls himself/herself a city employee, policeman or a worker at a financial institution.

Do not hand your cash cards to anybody.

Hang up the phone immediately and talk to your family or the police.

Crime Prevention Activities in the Community

Patrol Station

Patrol stations are located in front of Soka Station, Dokkodaigakumae (Soka Matsubara) Station and Shinden Station.
Patrolling advisors (retired policemen) are engaged in activities for the safety of community.

The ties of friendship in the community, such as the interaction with neighbors and the exchange of information, is essential for the safety of community.

Mr. Miyaoka
Mr. Miyaoka, a patrolling advisor

Crime Prevention Activities of a Resident Group

I patrol in a blue patrol car, and distribute leaflets in collaboration with the police, with the aim of raising awareness.

Not only our patrol but also the activities of residents to clean the streets will lead to the prevention of crimes, I believe.

Mr. Oshida
Mr. Oshida, a member of the Hikawa Minami Resident Group


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