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Soka City

Let's Get Going at Yatsuka

Update : 2021-12-8

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Soka Renovation Town Development

The Soka renovation town development has been promoted around the east exit of Soka Station.
The project led to the initiation of nine projects from the renovation school, making good use of under-utilized real estate, and the total of 16 business were created, including those started by owners themselves.
Taking the opportunity of the opening of Tokyo Adachi Campus of Bunkyo University, the project of renovation town development expanded to the area around Yatsuka Station.
People attached to the town are taking actions in the illumination project organized by the council of volunteers in the Yatsuka east area, in the revitalization of the shopping streets and in the staging of "Yatsuka Yamori-juku," where citizens themselves re-think about Yatsuka and about its future.
During this fiscal year, the "Renovation School @ Yatsuka" will be held to discuss business plans, aiming to solve issues of developing the community and to commercialize the projects.

Come and Join Us, If You Want to Improve the Area around Yatsuka Station and to Promote to the Development with Your Skills

Town with Nothing - Break that Prejudice!
Renovation School @ Yatsuka
Students Recruited

 Let's liven up Yatsuka together!
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What Do We Do at the Renovation School ?

This is a short, intensive and practical school to discuss and propose business plans, in teams of students coming from in and around the city, making use of actual under-utilized real estate or open spaces, which may lead to the solution of local issues.

On the last day of school, presentations will be held in front of real estate owners, and if the consent is given, the project will get going.


September 22 (Wednesday) and 29 (Wednesday)
To be held online

Main school

October 8 (Friday) ~ 10 (Sunday)
At a business hotel "Echigo-ya"
Public presentation to be held in Yatsuka Bunka Center (Culture Center)

Participation fee

15,000 yen (5,000 yen for students)

Enrollment limit

18 people (Screening will be conducted.)


Make an application using the special application form (External link.) by August 31 (Tuesday).

Outline of the School (Five classes)

September 22 and 29

  • Pre-school (Analysis of the Yatsuka area)

October 8

  • Opening ceremony
  • Guidance
  • Unit work

October 9

  • Observation of properties
  • Unit work
  • Live actions

October 10

  • Unit work
  • Public presentation
  • Closing ceremony

Two courses

<Local Core Business Course>

Make a business plan, using actual unoccupied properties, which may lead to the solution of local issues.

<Area Management Business Course>

Make a business plan to enhance the value of the community as a whole, making use of local resources (stores and people), apart from real estate.


Sangyo Shinko-ka (Industrial Advancement Section)
Tel.(048) 922-0839
FAX(048) 922-3406