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Three Principles of Food Poisoning Prevention

Update : 2021-8-5

Do not contact microbes /Do not allow microbes to multiply /Kill microbes
August is Food Sanitation Month. Food poisoning occurs in your homes.
Beware of food poisoning in season of high temperatures.

Do not contact microbes

  • Washing hands is the most important point.
    * Wash your hands thoroughly before cooking, treat raw meat/fish or egg, after using the toilet, touch your face or mask etc. It is effective to use soap and wash twice.
  • Separate the chopping board for "raw fish/meat" from "vegetable/cooked food"

Do not allow microbes to multiply

  • Eat food at once after cooking. Keep the food in refrigerator if you eat after a while. Bacteria causing food poisoning is proliferating so that time passes.
  • Subdivide leftover food in order to cool quickly and refrigerate or freeze, because fppd poisoning  bacteria is proliferating between 10 to 50℃.
  • Use ice paks Go right home after shopping and use an ice box/ice packs

Kill microbes

  • Thoroughly heat meat, eggs and fishes/shellfishes. Temperature at the center 75℃, heat over 1 minute. "Mix or boil whole the cooking materials thoroughly. Reheat the delivery foods or take-out foods with microwave if possible.
  • Clean and sterilize cooking tools such as kitchen knife, chopping board, washcloth etc
    Wash them with detergent and sterilize with boild water or bleacher.


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