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Soka City Merchandise Coupons with Premium

Update : 2021-12-2

For the Fiscal Year 2021
Notification Postcards to Be Sent to Those Who Became Eligible for Purchase


Sangyo Shinko-ka (Industrial Advancement Section in the City Hall)
Tel.(048) 922-3073
FAX(048) 922-3406

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Soka City Merchandise Coupons with Premium

Thank You for a Lot of Application

The application for the merchandise coupons was finished on July 21 (Wed), receiving application for 260,887 books from 91,821 people for100,000 books to be published.
The lot drawing will be conducted for the applicants living in Soka City.
After lot drawing, exchange purchase postcard will be sent by the organizing committee on August 13 (Fri) only to those who became eligible for purchase.
Unsuccessful applicants will not receive any notification.

Purchase period (in exchange with the postcard)

August 23 (Mon) ~ September 6 (Mon)

Place of purchase and what to bring

To be written on the exchange purchase postcard


  • A proxy can purchase the coupons on behalf.
  • The money will not be paid back after the purchase, and the exchange purchase postcard and the merchandise coupon will not be reissued.


The organizing committee of the project of Soka City Merchandise Coupons with Premium of the fiscal year 2021 in Soka-shi Shouten Rengo Jigyo Kyodo Kumiai (Soka City Merchants' Joint Business Cooperative Association)
Tel.(048) 928-8121 (10:00 a.m. ~ 4:00 p.m. on weekdays)