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Soka City

Hello Training for Job-Hunting

Update : 2021-12-8

Public assistance "Hello Training" to encourage early reemplpyment.

What is "Hello Training" ?

Public vocational training by the government.
There are two kinds of training; "Koukyou Shokugyou Kunren (Public Vocational Training)" and "Kyushokusha Shien Kunren (Job Seeker Support Training)" for early employment.
Job-seekers can improve skills for their career development and the people who want to work can acquire necessary knowledge for the jobs they hope.

Eligible person and the fee for two vocational trainings

Koukyou shokugyou Kunren (Public Vocational Training)

Eligible person Job-seeker who are receiving employment (unemployment) insurance
Fee Free (Accutual costs for textbook etc.)

You can receive basic allowance of employment insurance in case you will take the traing under the direction by "Hello Work".

Kyushokusha Shien Kunren (Job Seeker Support Training)

Eligible person Job-seeker who cannot receive employment (unemployment) insurance
Fee Free (Acutual costs for textbook etc.)

You can receive 100,000-yen subsidy (subsidy for vocational trainee) if certain requirements are met.

Eligible person for 100,000-yen subsidy

Job loser
Discontinuance of job as freelancer or self-employed worker
Person whose employment insurance allowances were finished

Employed person
Person, working as a part-timer with an income less than a certain level, aiming to change job as a regular staff.

Flow to taking the training

  1. Apply for job-seeking and consultation for jobs at your nearest "Hello Work"
  2. Apply for "Hello Training" (vocational training)
  3. Selection examination
  4. Arrangement for taking the training if you passed the examination
  5. Vocational training will start

Main training courses

General office work, IT, Construction/manufacturing, Sales/customer service, Care work, Design etc.

For apply

Hello Work Soka
Tel.(048) 931-6111 (42#)


Kurashi Anzen Ka 
Tel.(048) 941-6111
FAX(048) 941-6157