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Subsidies to Promote Advanced Vocational Training

Update : 2021-12-17

Requirements Eased for Single Parents

Requirements for Payment Eased and Expanded only for the Fiscal Year 2021


Before modification:Learning for a year or more
After modification:Learning for six months or more


Before modification:Only national qualifications,including nurses,child care workers,social workers, etc.
After modification:Private-sector qualifications in a digital field, etc. * to be added
*Courses to acquire certifications by Cisco Systems, Inc. and by LPI.

For Single Parents who Seek Steady Employment

Subsidies will be granted for a part of the living expenses in starting the learning for the purpose of acquiring national qualifications, which may facilitate the employment of a single parent.
Screening will be conducted.
Subsidies for online programs are open only for those who are already employed.

Target group

Those who take courses of six months or longer to start during the fiscal year 2021 and who meet all the three requirements below

  1. Single parents who raise a child of age under 20, and who are receiving child rearing allowance, or who are on the same income level
  2. Those who are not receiving the subsidy for taking the courses for vocational training under the support system for job seekers, nor the subsidy for supporting educational training under the Employment Insurance Law, etc.
  3. Those who did not receive the subsidy to promote Advanced Vocational Training for Single Parents in the past

Subsidy per month

100,000 yen (70,500 yen for families paying the resident tax)

* 40,000 yen will be added during the 12 month of the last learning year.

Subsidy period

All the learning period

* In case you are already taking a course, the subsidy will start in the month of application.


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