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Traffic Fatal Accidents Occur Frequently in Soka

Update : 2021-12-8

Observe the traffic rules to protect yourself!

The number of fatal traffic accidents breakouts in Soka City in 2020 was 2, but 5 accidents have already occurred until now this year.
This is very serious condition to lose precious lives.

Traffic accidents will change your lives and also change the lives of the victims and assailants in some cases.
Each of us has to follow the traffic rules for our safety.

Don't be involved in traffic accidents!
Don't cause traffic accidents!

【Characteristics of the traffic accidents occurred in Soka City】

  • When ?: Between 6:00 am and 10:00 am; 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm
  • Main causes: Failing to check safety, inattention looking forward
  • Age: Mostly 40s, then 50s and 65 years and over

【To the Cyclists】

Learn and Observe the Five Rules of Cyclists' Safety

  1. Bicycles should go on a roadway basically. Going on a sidewalk is exceptional.
  2. Ride on the left side of a roadway
  3. Give priority to pedestrians on a sidewalk and ride slowly on the roadside.
  4. Observe the safety rules
  5. Children should wear helmets.

【To the Pedestrians】

  • Should stop and look in both directions. Raise your hand to show you will cross the road
  • Wear brightly colored clothing as well as accessories with reflective materials.


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