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Soka City

Merchandise Coupons with 30% Premium

Update : 2022-1-12

Application for Purchase Started
Application period: June 24 (Thur.) ~ to be received by July 21 (Wed)

Sangyo Shinko-ka (Industrial Advancement Section)
Tel.(048) 922-3073
FAX(048) 922-3406

Specification of merchandise coupons

Price: 10,000 yen per book (Up to 3 books per person)
Usable as 13,000 yen per book

Common coupons of 7,000 yen

(1,000-yen coupon x 7 sheets) usable for all the stores handling those coupons

Common coupons

Exclusive coupons of 6,000 yen

(500-yen coupon x 12 sheets)

Exclusive coupons

* Exclusive coupons are usable in stores other than big retailers, with some exceptions.


One application per person by either of (1) or (2)

(1) On the Internet

Enter the necessary information on the dedicated website for application Accept from 9:00 am on June 24 (Thur.)

(2) By the application postcard

To be distributed with the July 5 issue of city newspaper.
Fill in the necessary information and post it early enough to be received by July 21 (Wed.).

* This is not on a first-come-first-served basis. No need to hurry.
* Lot drawing will be conducted in case of too many applications, giving priority to those living in Soka City.


Soka City Merchandise Coupons with Premium Project Organizing Committee (Soka City Merchants' Joint Business Cooperative Association)
Tel.(048) 928-8121