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Torrential Rain May Cause Flood from Unexpected Places in Your House

Update : 2021-12-2

Hearing the word "flood," we tend to imagine water coming from outside, such as from the front door, into our house. As a matter of fact, when roads around your house are flooded, water may come backward and jet up from the washing machine, from the drain ditch of bathroom and from the toilets. Prevent the backward flow by placing weight units such as water-sacs.

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Water-sacs to Prevent Flood and Backward Flow
In the Early Stage When the Water Is Not Deep

Water-sacs are easy to make and easy to dispose of.
You can make water-sacs with what you have at home such as garbage bags.
Keep in mind how to make one.

How to Make Water-sacs image

How to Make Water-sacs

  1. Prepare two garbage bags (45 L).
  2. Put one of the bags into the other to make a double bag, and half-fill the bag with water.
  3. Remove the air from the bag and tie the opening.

How to Use Water-sacs

Place water-sacs on water draining locations to prevent backward flow.

  • Place water-sacs on the drain ditches of the washing machine and of the bathroom.
  • Place a water-sac in the toilet seat.
  • Store water in the bathtub to prevent backward flow and to use as daily life water.

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Place water sacs at the front entrance or at the garage to prevent water from flowing in.

Place water-sacs in a box and wrap it with blue plastic waterproof sheeting to reinforce it. It will be useful for anchoring water sealing plates.

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 You can substitute polyethylene tanks.


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