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Soka City

Watch Out for Heatstroke

Update : 2022-1-11

Many of us are prone to heatstroke in this season, when we are not fully adjusted to the temperature rise.
In Soka City, the drug stores, registered in the Soka City Pharmacist Association, are open as temporary rest stations "Cool Oasis" to keep out the heat as well as public facilities, taking measures to prevent infection of COVID-19.

Things to Bear in Mind in Daily Life

Drink about half a glass of water every hour. When you have sweat, sports drink containing salt is advisable.
When you wear a mask, you have less chance to drink water. Make sure you drink a little more water than usual.
Drink a glass of water before going to bed.
Be careful even when you are indoors if you are a senior citizen or have a chronic disease. Use an air conditioner or an electric fan.

When You Feel Something Wrong

The symptoms of heatstroke are dizziness, headache, nausea, feeling of tiredness, etc. When you have any of those symptoms above, seek refuge in a cool place and contact a medical institution.
When you see someone with any of those symptoms, help him/her to seek refuge in a cool place, loosen the clothes, cool down the body and help him/her take water and salt.
When you see someone who is unconscious or falls into a fit of convulsions, it is a serious case. Dial 119 to call an ambulance immediately.


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