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Payment Notice of National Health Insurance will be Sent

Update : 2021-6-7

National health insurance tax invoice for fiscal year of 2021 will be sent in the middle of June.
Head of the household has obligation to pay the insurance tax even the head of the household is enrolled in company/group health insurance program for the family members who are enrolled in national health insurance.

* Insurance Premiums (also called `Insurance tax') are based on income from the previous year & number of household members. This means that your premiums will change every year and you will be notified of the new amount by a tax invoice sent to the head of the household.

【Reduction System of Insurance Tax】

Reporting your income is required for the reduction judgment.
Filing municipal/prefectural tax to Soka City is necessary even if you have no income or have non-taxable income of Invalidity Pension/Surviving Family Pension.
Soka City send a tax form and a guide on February 20th to the person who is 65 years old and over and did not report in the previous year.


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