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March 23: Reconstruction of Monuments

Update : 2021-5-20

Of Changing the Name of Town and of Readjustment of Arable Land

The monument of changing the name of town was constructed in 1931 and that of readjustment of arable land in 1936, both on the site of Soka Elementary School.

After that, those monuments were removed temporarily from new location of the guest parking lot of the City Hall, in time with the improvement of the lot, and were reconstructed in Chuo 2-chome Park on March 23 (Tue).

The monument has inscription on the back that Soka-machi originated in Soka-shuku, which was officially certified in 1630, and the place name "Yako," belonging to Soka-shuku, has a history that it was mentioned in a history book "Azuma Kagami" in the Kamakura Period.
It is a precious material telling us about the change of name (Chinese character) of Soka-machi and about the historic facts of readjustment of arable land.

Reconstruction of Monuments