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Results of Questionnaire Survey to Citizens

Update : 2021-12-2

The Top Image of Soka City: "Convenience"

Soka City is conducting questionnaires to citizens every other year to incorporate citizens' opinions into municipal administration.
A survey was conducted in September 2020 directed at 3,500 citizens of age 18 or older (random sampling), and the number of valid returns was 2,189, and the return rate was 62.5%.
The major answers are shown below.

The questionnaire results are viewable in the booklets placed at the information corner of the City Hall, Chuo Toshokan (Soka City Library), public halls, culture centers and some other places as well as on the website of Soka City.

questionnaire result image

Major Answers

(1) Livability, permanent settlement, attachment and pride

  • Soka City is livable or relatively livable : 62.4%
  • Wish to settle in Soka City or to live here for the time being : 78.1%
  • Be attached to or be proud of Soka City : 58.6%

family image

(2) Commitments for disaster prevention

  • Have food reserves for disaster to last for more than three days : 68.5%
  • All or part of the furniture and electric appliances at home are anchored : 61,2%

Commitments for disaster prevention image

(3) Exercise and sports

  • Be engaged in exercise or sports at least once a week : 38.3%

 Exercise and sports image

(4) Medical situation

  • Have a home doctor as a primary medical institution : 64.9%
  • Know that the Soka Municipal Hospital is the secondary medical institution : 61.7%

Medical situation image

* The secondary medical institution refers to the medical institution which gives medical care or surgery to those, with a referral form from the home doctor, the primary medical institution, who need medical examinations, who are in an urgent condition or who have severe symptoms.

(5) Future image that the city has to work for

1st: A community with sufficient medical system where we can live with peace of mind
2nd: A disaster-resistant community with high awareness for disaster prevention
3rd: A safe community with sufficient measures to prevent accidents and crimes

(6) Opinions and requests for municipal administration and community development (free writing)

Procedures of municipal administration, road improvement (to prepare sidewalks, to widen roads, to eliminate level difference, etc.), the improvement of administrative services, the improvement, increase and cleaning of parks, etc. : 1,296 comments (661 people)

We received many answers filled with wishes to improve this community.
Thank you for your valuable opinions.


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