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Disaster Prevention Information App of Soka City

Update : 2021-12-2

"Bosai Soka (Disaster Prevention Soka)" In Distribution Now

The operation was started of the disaster prevention information app for smartphones "Bosai Soka (Disaster Prevention Soka)" was started.

Soka City is using various measures (as below) other than this app to deliver information so as to send evacuation information and other information promptly and surely. Be prepared to receive information in the way convenient for you in times of emergency.

Download here.

App image

iOS version : https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id1552663645(Link to external site.)
Android version : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.visor.machiyell.soka.production(Link to external site.)

iOS version Android version The download and communication fee are to be borne by the user, but the use of and the registration on the app is free of charge.

Visit the website of Soka City to see how to use the app

Three Characteristics of "Bosai Soka (Disaster Prevention Soka)"


Urgent information image
  • You can receive emergency information by push notification.
  • You can receive information in English, Chinese, Portuguese and Korean (except weather information)


web171 image

You can access the disaster message board (web 171).


You can confirm information about where you are by viewing the map of the disaster prevention map.

Confirm the Flood-assumed area of Each River

How to use the function
map image
  1. Click the map mark. mark1 image
  2. Click the river you want to confirm.
  3. Flood-assumed area is displayed.
  4. Click the legend mark to see the details of coloring.mark2 image

Confirm the Route to the Nearest Evacuation Shelter

How to use the function
map2 image
  1. Click the mark of the nearest evacuation shelter.mark3 image
  2. Click the speech balloon of "ここへ行く(Go there)."
  3. The route, distance and traveling time are displayed.
Exclamation mark image

In evacuating, check if the evacuation shelter is opened before heading for it.

Measures of Delivering Information


  • Soka Information e-mail
  • Emergency warning e-mail (including area e-mail)


  • The website of Soka City


  • Yahoo disaster flush news
  • App "Bosai Soka (Disaster Prevention Soka)"


  • General Channel 1 of NHK ("d" button)
  • Channel 3 of TV Saitama ("d" button)

Cable TV

  • "Disaster prevention information service" of J:COM


  • AM NHK Radio 1 (594kHz)
  • FM NACK 5 (79.5MHz)
  • Koshigaya FM (86.8 MHz)


  • Official Twitter of Soka City
  • Safety Information Facebook of Soka City
  • Official LINE of Soka City


  • Tel.0120-777031
    (You can listen to the content of the emergency broadcast of the city.)

* Registration cannot be received from April 19 to 23, due to the maintenance work.

Visit the website of Soka City or see page 11 of the hazard map for the registration procedure and the details.

Fax and Telephone Service to Help You

Emergency information related to disaster will be sent by fax or telephone to families who have difficulty in acquiring information.

PLEASE prioritize one of the measures above as much as possible because the telephone network may be crowded and it may take time for the information to reach you.

Requirements for Use (to meet both of the conditions below)

(1)Families who have difficulty in acquiring information in any of the measures above.
(2)Families who have difficulty in catching the emergency broadcast.


Make application at Kiki Kanri-ka (Crisis Control Section), by fax, a postcard or phone, clarifying the name of the householder, address and the service you wish to use as well as your contact number (the phone or fax number.)


Adress:〒340-8550 Kiki Kanri-ka (Crisis Control Section)
Tel.(048) 922-0614
FAX(048) 922-6591