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Make Use of the Climate Change Action Subsidy

Update : 2021-4-5

Subsidies will be granted for part of the expenses of the purchase or the installment of appliances or facilities with small environmental burden, with the aim of curtailing the consumption of resources and of supporting activities to take advantage of natural energy.
Applications may be made for more than one items.
The reception of application will be closed as soon as the applications reach the budget.

Subsidy Amount

Installment of a solar photoelectric generation system
(with the output power of 1 kW or more)

70,000 yen

Purchase of energy-saving appliances

20,000 yen for (1) to (5) and 10,000 yen for (6)

(1)Hot water supply system, using solar energy
(2)Hot water supply system, using geothermal energy
(3)Hot water supply system, using fuel-cells
(4)Home storage battery
(5)Next-generation vehicle (electric vehicle, fuel-cell vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle)

Installment of a rainwater storage facility

Half of the expenses, up to 10,000 yen


Contact Kankyo-ka (Environmental Section) before purchase and installment.
Tel.(048) 922-1519
FAX(048) 922-1030