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Newborn Hearing Screening Subsidy

Update : 2021-12-8

To Be Started in April

Part of the expense for the newborn hearing screening is subsidized from April 2021.

What Is the Newborn Hearing Screening ?

It is the audibility test conducted for newborn babies.

For whom?

Newborns who are registered as a citizen of Soka City, as of the screening day, and who had the screening on April 1, 2021 onward.

Period and frequency

Once, basically within one month after birth (only for the first screening)

* If the baby cannot have the screening within one month after birth, because he/she was born premature or born in a medical institution which does not conduct the screening, subsidy is available until the baby is six months old, with the judgment of a doctor.

Types of screenings and the subsidy amount

  • Automated ABR test (Auditory brainstem response test): Up to 5,000 yen
  • OAE test (Oto acoustic emissions test): Up to 3,000 yen

* Types of screenings and the expense for screening varies in medical institutions. The expenses exceeding the subsidy amount is to be covered by your own expense.

Granting the subsidy coupon

  • The subsidy coupon is given with the mother and child book from March 17.
  • If you received the mother and child book by March 16 and you are expecting a baby on April 1 onward, the subsidy coupon was sent individually. If your baby had the screening on April 1 or later and have not received the subsidy coupon, contact Kenkozukuri-ka (Public Health Section).

Reimbursement system

Visit the website of Soka City for details.
If you cannot use the subsidy coupon, returning to your parents’ house to give birth, and covered the expense for screening with your own expense, make an application for reimbursement.


Kenkozukuri-ka (Public Health Section)
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