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Outline of the Budget for the Fiscal Year 2021

Update : 2021-12-2

The Budget of the General Account: 88,958 Million Yen

The original plan of the budget for the fiscal year 2021 was approved in the February regular session of the City Council.

The budget was compiled, based on the 4th Comprehensive Promotion Plan, aiming to realize the future vision of the city "Livable City - Creation of Community Richness - ," in the light of the three priorities: (1) to improve sustainability, (2) to enhance the power of brand and (3) to enhance the power of community.

The total amount of the general account budget is 88,958 million yen (2.6 % increase from the last fiscal year), and the sum of the general, special and business accounts is 164,812,090 thousand yen (1.8 % increase from last fiscal year).

Table of the Original Budget for the Fiscal Year 2021
(Amounts less than 10 thousand yen adjusted)

Budget category FY 2021
(Thousand yen)
FY 2020
(Thousand yen)
Increase or
decrease rate (%)
General Account 88,958,000 86,742,000 2.6
Special account 43,674,820 43,299,060 0.9
  Traffic accident mutual aid project 64,420 -100.0
Shinden west area land readjustment project 103,720 128,740 -19.4
Parking lot project 59,650 50,450 18.2
Shinden Station West Exit land readjustment project 1,221,060 1,092,560 11.8
National health insurance 22,214,980 22,436,420 -1.0
Nursing insurance 17,086,080 16,548,300 3.2
Medical care for the latter-stage elderly 2,989,330 2,978,170 0.4
Business Account 32,179,270 31,904,540 0.9
  Water service 6,944,020 6,426,880 8.0
Hospital business 14,725,250 14,736,920 -0.1
Public sewerage project 10,510,000 10,740,740 -2.1
Total 164,812,090 161,945,600 1.8

* The special account for the traffic accident mutual aid project was abolished at the end of the fiscal year 2020.

General Account

The general account is related to citizen’s lives, including welfare service for children, senior citizens, disabled people, etc., as well as the improvement of parks and roads, the operation of public halls (Kominkan) and the library, etc.

Revenue Budget

The internal revenue sources, which the city can secure independently by city tax, etc. accounts for 50.8 %, and the external revenue sources, such as the payouts from the nation and from the prefecture, the municipal bond, accounts for 49.2 %.

Expenditure Budget

The welfare budget is 40,790,580 thousand yen, accounting for 45.9 % of the total budget, 1.6 % increase from last fiscal year, with the demolition and construction work of Aoba Gakuen School.

The sanitation expenses are 7,403,650 thousand yen, 20.5 % increase from the last fiscal year, with the implement of COVID-19 vaccination.

Special Account

The special account covers special projects, including national health insurance and nursing-care insurance, and is made up of six accounts.

Total Budget 43,674,820 thousand yen (0.9 % increase from last fiscal year)

Business Account

The business account is financially independent, with its revenue covering the funds necessary for the projects, and is made up of the water service accounting, the hospital business accounting and public sewerage project.

Total Budget 32,179,270 thousand yen (0.9% increase from last fiscal year)


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