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Distribution of the Waste Collection Calendar 2021

Update : 2021-3-22

The waste collection calendars are distributed to each household by mid-March, with the cooperation of residents' associations.
The calendar is a booklet notifying the collection days of burnable, non-burnable and recyclable waste from households as well as the appropriate methods of sorting and disposal.

Waste Collection Calendar

If you are not a member of any residents' association and have not received the calendar, they are available at the public facilities below.
The content of the calendar is viewable on the website of Soka City.

Waste Collection Calendars being distributed at

Shimin-ka (Registers Section) in the City Hall, service centers, Hoken Center (Health Center), Kosodate Shien Center (Child Rearing Support Center), Kominkan (Public Halls), Bunka Center (culture centers), Recycle Center, Kankyo Gyomu Center (Environmental Service Center), Komi-sens (Community Centers), Bussan Kanko Joho Center (Products and Tourism Information Center) and Rekishi Minzoku Shiryokan (Historical Archives Building)


Haikibutsu Shigen-ka (Refuse and Recycle Section)
Tel.(048) 931-3972
FAX(048) 931-9993