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Administrative Policies for the Fiscal Year 2021

Update : 2021-12-2

Full of Hope for the Future of Our Community Soka

On February 24, the February regular session of the city council was held and Mayor Asai stated his administrative policies.
He stated his basic concept of municipal government administration and the specific commitments of the priority measures for the fiscal year 2021.
"Under the coronavirus crisis, which we have never experienced before, we must enhance the flexibility of the organization to build a system to cope with various emergencies promptly so as to protect the lives and properties of citizens.
For the fiscal year 2021, we will promote our commitments to recover the citizens' lives and the local economy without delay, focusing on the countermeasures for disaster to ensure the safety and security of citizens to the maximum and on various coronavirus countermeasures, including economic measures to recover local economy steadily, and will be engaged in municipal government administrations, viewing the future, to meet the needs of the future generations."

Mr. Masashi Asai image
Mr. Masashi Asai,
Mayor of Soka City