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Soka City

Events in Our City in February

Update : 2021-2-22

Courtesy Visit of Sumo Wrestlers

February 2: Courtesy Visit of Daieisho, who won the first Makuuchi championship as a wrestler from Saitama, and Tsurugisho, who won the Juryo championship in the January Grand Sumo Tournament

From the left: Tsurugisho, Mayor Asai and Daieisho

The two wrestlers belong to the Oitekaze Beya (Sezaki 5-chome), and Daieisho visited to see the Soka City Youth Sumo Tournament held in 2018, when the Oitekaze Cup was initiated. Mayor Asai blessed the wrestlers, "I am very happy to see two wrestlers from the sumo beya in Soka City win the championship. Your achievements under the coronavirus crisis gave us courage and hope. All citizens of Soka are proud of you."

Daieisho looked back the active wrestling style of children in Soka in the Youth Sumo Tournament, "Soka City is my second hometown. I want to be a sumo wrestler good enough to be a role model for children. I will practice hard to have more wins than losses constantly as Sekiwake." Tsurugisho talked about his ambition, "I hope to advance to Makuuchi in the next Grand Sumo Tournament. I will appreciate your encouragement. I want to be a wrestler of children's dream."