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Soka City

Disaster Control News

Update : 2021-12-4

Q: Do evacuation shelters have stock piles for infection control ?

A: Stock piles for infection control were newly equipped in this fiscal year.

An evacuation shelter, where many people gather and live, will have a high risk of infection, so we must make every possible effort for infection control.

Soka City newly equipped stock piles for infection control, including masks, non-contact thermometers and easy-to-set-up partitions, in elementary and junior high schools, which are to be evacuation shelters.
In addition, individually packed retort preservative foods and water in 500 ml plastic bottles are in the process of equipment for individual distribution.

Keystone of Infection Control
Effectiveness of Partitions

Keystone of Infection Control Effectiveness of Partitions image

The evacuation space necessary for a family of four members is 3 m x 3 m, and evacuation spaces must be 2 m apart from one another to avoid infection.

By using partitions, evacuation spaces can be set up without having 2-m distance, and more people can be accommodated in an evacuation shelter, compared to the case without partitions.


Stock Piles for Infection Control

Easy-to-set-up Partitions

Partitions image

Partitions will be set up for each family to prevent droplet infection.


Automatic Packing Toilets

Automatic Packing Toilets image

Human waste can be packed in a sanitary manner, without being touched by fingers or hands.


Ventilators and extractors

Ventilators and extractors image

Portable ventilators and extractors will be used for ventilation.


Non-contact Thermometers

Non-contact Thermometers image

The temperature is taken at the reception desk to separate the evacuation space of healthy people and of people with poor physical conditions.


Sets to Deal with Vomitus

Sets to Deal with Vomitus image

Sets of mask and aprons, etc. to deal with vomitus, while preventing infection.



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