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Motorized Vehicle Disposal and Address Change

Update : 2021-12-8

Make Procedures Well in Advance

Light vehicle tax for motorized bicycles, etc. is imposed on the owner as of April 1 every year.
In case you are no longer the owner due to motor vehicle disposal, transfer, theft, etc., make procedures without delay.
For disposal procedures of motorized bicycles (motorbikes up to 125cc) and small-sized special motor vehicles, bring the Hyoushiki (number plate), Hyoushiki Koufu Shoumeisho (certificate of issuance of number plate) and your seal to Shiminzei-ka (Taxation Section).
In case you do not have the number plate due to theft or other reasons, make an inquiry.
If you are moving out of Soka City, you need to make disposal procedures in Soka City and registration procedures in your new dwelling place.
For two-wheeled vehicles over 125cc, contact Kasukabe Jidousha Kensa Touroku Jimusho (Kasukabe Motor Vehicle Inspection and Registration Office) (Tel.050-5540-2028); for light four-wheeled vehicles, Kei-jidousha Kensa Kyokai Saitama Jimusho Kasukabe Shisho (Saitama Office Kasukabe Branch of the Japan Light Motor Vehicle Inspection Organization) (Tel.050-3816-3113), and if you are moving out, make procedures in the office in charge of your new dwelling place. If you are moving out of Saitama Prefecture, you may have to file a tax statement of light motor vehicle tax at Shiminzei-ka (Taxation Section).


Shiminzei-ka (Taxation Section)
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