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Soka City

Hazard Map to Be Revised

Update : 2021-12-4

To Be Distributed to Every Household from March 9 (Tue)

Check and see it as soon as you receive one.

hazard map image

The hazard map can be viewed on the website of Soka City (via QR code).

The hazard map shows the assessment of damage in Soka City in times of wind and flood disaster as well as earthquake, and gives you some ideas of essential preparation to protect your lives from disaster.

The revised version is easier to read and understand, based on the latest information from the national government and from the prefecture.

Key Points

Preparation against Water Damage

  • The assessment of flood damage caused by the largest-scale torrential rain is stated, which is expected expected to occur once in about one thousand years. The assessment of damage is also stated, which may be caused by floods of nearby rivers in the city, such as the Den-u river and the Tatsui River, as well as major rivers such as the Tone river.
  • The hazard map shows the depth of flood damage and the duration hours of flood to give you some idea how long flood damage may last.
  • In case the flood may last for a long period of time, stock piles are suggested to live for at least seven days.

Key Points

Preparation against Earthquake

The hazard map gives you a good idea how to prepare against earthquake in daily life and what actions to take in times of earthquake.

Under the supervision of "Mama Bosai (Mothers' Disaster Control)," emergency take-out articles are listed in an easy-to-understand manner, with the viewpoint of child-rearing families.

What Is "Mama Bosai (Mothers' Disaster Control)" ?

This is a citizens' group organized by a mother qualified as a disaster prevention expert. The group holds various events such as disaster prevention classes mainly in Soka City to prepare adults to protect children in times of disaster.

Make "My Timeline" to Prepare against Water Damage

  • the hazard map image

    See pages 30 and 31 of the hazard map.

What is "My Timeline" ?

It is essential to get various information and decide in advance what actions to take so as to protect your life from water damage. "My Timeline" is an action plan table which shows when, who and what actions to take, in response to weather information and evacuation information.

Make the original timeline of your family now, so that you can take evacuation actions calmly in times of emergency.

Inquiry about Distribution: Silver Jinzai Center (Silver Human Resources Center)

  • In case of not receiving one after March 15 (Mon)
  • In case of stain or breakage of the map

Tel.(048) 928-9211
FAX(048) 928-9209

Inquiry about the Content: Kiki Kanri-ka (Crisis Control Section)

  • How to read the map
  • How to make "My Timeline"

Tel.(048) 922-0614
FAX(048) 922-6591