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Showa Village Experiencing Tour of Winter

Update : 2021-12-8

Enjoy Winter in Showa Village

Showa Village image「

The 10th Anniversary of Sister City Affiliation between Soka City and Showa Village, Fukushima Prefecture

Visit Showa Village, Fukushima Prefecture, a sister city of Soka City, to deepen friendship with villagers by staying in the great nature which is not found in Soka.

Date and time

Tour of two days - February 20 (Sat), meeting at 7:00 at the west exit of Soka Station ~ 21 (Sun)


Showa Onsen Shirakaba-so (with two meals overnight)

Eligible people

Those who live or study in Soka City (those of age 18 or under to be accompanied by a guardian)

Accommodation limit

20 people

Participation fee

10,670 yen for junior high school students or older and 8,320 yen for elementary school students or younger

* 12,670 yen for those of age 19 or older participating on his/her own


About 4 hours and a half on a commissioned bus.
Playing with snow and try traditional handcraft and some other activities.

* "Karamushiori-no Sato Snow Festival" will NOT be held.


Write the name, address, sex, age and phone number of all the applicants on a reply-paid postcard and send it to 〒340-0013 Soka-shi Matsue 6-1-1 Kyoei Ryoko Service to be received by January 21 (Thu).
Application by FAX or e-mail will also be received.

Tel.(048) 932-4236
FAX(048) 932-4237

Up to five people in a group.
Double application will be invalid.
Lot drawing will be conducted in case of too many applications.
The results will be notified on January 28 (Thu) or later.


Bunka Kanko-ka (Culture and Tourism Section)
Tel.(048) 922-2403
FAX(048) 922-3406