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Minimum Wage of Saitama Prefecture: 928 Yen/h

Update : 2021-12-8

The minimum wage of the prefecture applies to all workers and employers, regardless of the age, in the prefecture.
The minimum wage of Saitama Prefecture is 928 yen/hour from October, 2020.
By industry: Manufacturing of non-ferrous metals: 948 yen/hour, electric parts: 954 yen, transportation machine and instruments: 966 yen/hour, optical machine and instruments: 963 yen/hour, retail sales: 928 yen/hour, Car retail business: 962 yen/hour
The workers and employers are to confirm the minimum wage of the relevant area and of the relevant industry.


Saitama Rodo-kyoku Chingin-shitsu (Saitama Labor Bureau Wage Office)
Tel.(048) 600-6205