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Soka City

For the Future of 'Our City' Soka

Update : 2021-12-2

草加市長 浅井昌志 image
Mr. Masashi Asai, Mayor of Soka City

Happy New Year!
I hope you are celebrating New Year with your family.

Last year we faced an unprecedented situation, including the cancellation of classes in elementary and junior high schools, the temporary closure of public facilities and the cancellation of various events such as Soka Fusasara Festival, due to the spread of the COVID-19.
In response to that situation, we received a lot of donation of sanitary goods including masks from citizens and companies in Soka City, and we were impressed with kindness and the power of citizens and of communities which the coronavirus crisis made us realize.

For the fiscal year 2021, we will be committed to solve various administrative issues with the focus on the disaster countermeasures to ensure the safety and security of citizens to the maximum as well as on the coronavirus countermeasures to promote the steady recovery of local economy.

In spite of the situation and tough circumstance we have never experienced, we will not lose hope and thoughtfulness nor stop our steps toward the bright future of our city Soka, and will make utmost efforts in the municipal government administrations for citizens.