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Soka City

Five Rules for Safe Bicycle Ride

Update : 2021-12-2

Summer Traffic Accident Prevention Campaign is scheduled from July 15 to 24.

Be mindful of safe bicycle driving.
New regulation "Prohibit the tailgating" is applied to the bicycles not only to the automobiles and motor bikes according to the revision of the Road Traffic Act from June 30th.


Koutsu Taisaku-ka (Traffic and Transport Measures Section)
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Remember and keep the Five Rules for Safe bicycle Ride

  1. Ride bicycles on the roadways (Exceptionally allowed on sidewalks) Riding a bicycle on sidewalks is allowed only in the following cases: - When indicated by traffic signs and markings - When the rider is a child 12 or under, an elderly person 70 or over, or a person with a physical disability who cannot ride bicycles on roadways - When it is unavoidable for the bicycle rider to use sidewalks in order to secure safety due to traffic conditions

  2. Keep left on the roadways

  3. Yield to pedestrians on sidewalks; go slowly on the side closer to the roadway

  4. Observe safety rules

    • Drunken riding, riding double and riding side by side are prohibited.
    • Have lights on during evening hours.
    • Riding with earphone and mobile phone are prohibited.
    • Obey the traffic lights, and stop to check the safety at an intersection.

  5. Children are to wear helmets

15 dangerous bicycle driving acts

  • Neglecting traffic lights
  • Passing on a road or a place where bicycle riding is prohibited
  • Not driving slowly on a road for pedestrians
  • Riding on the right side of a street or on a sidewalk for pedestrians separated from a street
  • Disturbing pedestrians on a side strip
  • Entering a railroad crossing while the cross bar is lowered
  • Disturbing vehicles keeping to the left or priority vehicles at an intersection
  • Disturbing vehicles traveling straight or turning to the left at an intersection while turning to the right
  • Breaching safety traveling rules at a roundabout (intersection)
  • Violating a halt sign
  • Disturbing pedestrians on a sidewalk
  • Riding Bicycles without brakes or with brakes which don't work properly
  • Drunken driving
  • Breaching safety driving rules

+ 《New》Tailgating (road rage)

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