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Soka City

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Be Prepared for Heavy Rainfall This Year Again

Update : 2021-12-1

Make Preparation to Protect Yourself and Collect Information

Use the timeline as a rule of thumb when, who and what to do, in response to the water level of rivers and the weather forecast.

Timeline (Guideline of Evacuation Actions)

Risk of flood
●Weather forecast
 ○Water level information (guide)
City’s Response Citizens' Actions
・Typhoon forecast (as needed)
・Press conference of the Meteorological Agency
・Establish the disaster alert headquarters.

Make preparations in advance.

Read the hazard map, and collect information from TV or a radio.
Stock food enough for at least three days.
Prepare survival kit for disaster.
●Storm warning
  ○Water level requiring flood fighting corps to watch
・Operate the pomp station.
・Patrol rounds to see the water level and flooding.
●Heavy rainfall warning
  ○Water level to be on alert for flooding
・Establish the emergency management headquarters.
・Make decisions whether to open evacuation centers or not.
○Water level to consider evacuation


Prepare to evacuate.
Senior citizens should start evacuating.
*To be issued, specifying areas

Those living in the specified areas, who need time in evacuation, should evacuate to a safe place.

●Heavy rainfall special warning *
  ○Water level of impending flood


Evacuation advisory
*To be issued, specifying areas

All people in the specified areas should evacuate to a safe place immediately.

Flood occurs.

* The announcement standard is subject to change. Follow the latest information.

Information to be sent in the following means:

Emergency broadcast system
Website of Soka City
Soka City safety information e-mail
Soka City safety information facebook
L alert (“d” button of NHK)
Emergency alert e-mail

"Vertical evacuation” is effective in flood, to a higher place, such as the upper floor of your house.

So as to avoid the infection risk of the novel coronavirus, consider to protect yourself in a place other than an evacuation center.

See the separate pages for action guidelines in times of disaster, bearing in mind the prevention of infection of the novel coronavirus.

Must-know New Information 
Toll-free Telephone Service to Listen to Emergency Broadcast


Also usable from cell phones, car telephones and PHS

Dial this number when you cannot catch the emergency broadcast message.
You can listen to the latest broadcast.

* The former number is also usable, with fee. Tel.(048) 922-9911
* The message is delivered in Soka City safety information e-mail and Twitter at the same time.

Registration Unnecessary!

Flood information of rivers will be sent out in emergency alert e-mail (Area mail)

When rivers managed by the national government has risk of flooding, causing inundation in Soka City, information will be sent to cellphones and smartphones automatically.

* Some models may not have the function of receiving this information.

Observation Stations about which Information Is Sent

River Observation station (Location)
Tone River Yattajima (Isehara City)
Kurihashi (Kuki City)
Edo River Noda (Noda City)
Naka River Yoshikawa (Yoshikawa City)
Ayase River Yako (Soka City)
Ara River Kumagaya (Kumagaya City)
Iwabuchi Suimon (Kami) (Kita City)

Rivers flowing in Soka city


Kiki Kanri-ka (Crisis Control Section)
Tel.(048) 922-0614
FAX(048) 922-6591