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Soka City

Events in Our City in February

Update : 2021-12-6

School Lunch Exhibition

School Lunch Exhibition image

School Lunch Exhibition was held on February 8 in Chuo Kominkan (Public Hall), crowded with a lot of parents and children.
At the sampling corner of school lunch, parents said, "It's interesting to find out what our children are eating at school."
The event included a puppet play, stamp rally and exhibitions, giving satisfaction to the visitors.

School lunch of local foods of Saitama

Mixed rice, deep-fried croquette without breading or batter, vegetables seasoned with sea food, Miso soup with various vegetables and Komatsuna cake

School lunch of local foods of Saitama image

Care Givers Symposium

Care Givers Symposium image

On February 13, a care givers symposium was held for the first time in Soka City in Chuo Kominkan (Public Hall), under the title of "We want to help you who give nursing care to your family - You may be the next to be cared for?."
In order to understand the presence and the present situation of those who give nursing care to a family at no charge and to think about how to support them, a keynote address was given by Ms. Eiko Horikoshi, professor at Japan Women's University and a pioneer of caregivers' supporter, under the title of "Give Social Support to Care Givers."
Giving the audience some ideas about the present situation of care givers and necessary support, the lecture was followed by a panel discussion by local supporters, welfare workers and some care givers being supported.

During the symposium, the necessity was appealed to support the life of care givers, such as resolving their isolation and establishing a system for casual consultation.

The audience of 165 attendees said, "I will be cared for some day, so what I learned today will be helpful," "I am surprised to know about various activities.
I haven't heard of them before," and "I have learned about the difficulty and issues of care givers.
Problems were presented by people of various positions, and I learned a lot."

 Care Givers Symposium image

Fureai-no Sato Festival

Fureai-no Sato Festival was held on February 16 at a welfare center for senior citizens, Fureai-no Sato, located in Nissato-cho.

This event was held to make an opportunity of strengthening ties between people engaged in activities based in this facility and residents in the Yatsuka west area.
About 800 people gathered in spite of rainy weather.
The venue was crowded with users of the facility and families living in this area, enjoying refreshment booths set up by residents' associations of the Yatsuka west area, presentations and exhibitions by various circles and various trial corners.

Fureai-no Sato Festival image