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Events in Our City in May

Eco-friendly Green Curtain
Seedlings of Bitter Gourd Distributed on May 15

Eco-friendly Green Curtain

Soka City is distributing seedlings of bitter gourd to prevent global warming and as a tree-planting drive.

On May 15, seedlings of bitter gourd, to make green curtains, were distributed in Takasago Community Center and at some other places, taking measures to prevent infection and appointing the time to receive the seedlings.

Green curtain is a natural sunshade of climbing plants, which block the sunlight from coming through windows to prevent the room temperature from rising, enhancing the cooling effect.
Bitter gourd is called the "king of green curtain" because it grows fast and is disease-resistant.

Pots in which seedlings are placed are "eco-pot," which is eco-friendly, and seedlings can be planted with the pot, which returns gradually to the soil.

"This is the first time for me to make a green curtain with bitter gourd. I am looking forward to the coolness. I like bitter gourd, so I am also looking forward to eating them," said one of the people who received the seedling.

Seedlings will grow to be a nice curtain in August

Seedlings will grow to be a nice curtain in August (according to the report of last year).

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