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Payment Notice of Municipal and Prefectural Tax will be Sent

Notice of municipal and prefectural tax payment for fiscal year of 2020 will be sent in the middle of June.

* The total is divided into 4 even payments to be paid in June, August, October and January.

The person who receives the notice

The person whose income in 2019 is taxable
But this notice will not be sent in case of municipal and prefectural tax withheld from your salary as Soka City has noticed to your office.

The person who doesn't receive the notice

The person whose income is low and non-taxable

* The persons who needs to report income of 2019 are as follows.

The person who recorded in Soka City's basic resident register as on January 1, 2020, had an income in addition to an income from public pension, whose office didn't report his/her income to the city hall and didn't file tax return or special income tax for reconstruction (at the tax office) or prefectural/municipal tax report (at the city hall).
(Personal pension is an income except an income from public pension)

If you have not filed city/prefectural tax for 2020 please report your income of 2019 (even you had no income), for the social service from the administrations.

Certificate of Taxation (Kazei) or Tax-exemption (Hikazei) related to municipal and prefectural tax of fiscal year of 2020 is available at Taxation Section and Registers Section in City Hall and Service Centers.


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