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Financial Assistance of Medical Expenses for Single Parent Family

Soka City supports the single parents and guardians raising children by paying their self-pay burden of medical expensea covered by public health insurance upon application.
Taxable householders need to pay a part of self-pay burden.

Eligible child's age:

  • A child under 18 year-old (by the next March 31 after his/her 18th bitrthday)
  • A child under 20 year-old who has a certain level of disability (until the previous day of his/her 20th birthday)

Limitation of income (See thetable below)

Number of dependent
family members
Limitation of income
Father, mother or guardianSupporter under Duty
(who has a legal liability to support a child)
0 Less than 1,920,000 yen Less than 2,360,000 yen
1 Less than 2,300,000 yen Less than 2,740,000 yen
2 Less than 2,680,000 yen Less than 3,120,000 yen
3 Less than 3,060,000 yen Less than 3,500,000 yen
4 Less than 3,440,000 yen Less than 3,880,000 yen

Judgment will be done according to the income amount (* ) and number of dependent family members. (* ): based on your income in 2019 (January to December) for the application after July.

Income amount (* ): At first apply the employment income deduction from your income and add the 80 % of child support money from ex-husband/wife and then deduct 80,000 yen of across-the-board deduction (other deduction may be applied)
<equation> income - employment income deduction + 80 % of child support money from ex-husband/wife - 80,000 yen

Supporter under Duty:
People who is a direct line of descent (parents, grandparents, child, grandchild) or brothers/sisters and live in the same household with an appicant
* There is an income limitation for the spouse of the applicant (even he/she has disability) as same as the supporter under duty.


Kosodate Shien-ka (Parenting support Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1476
FAX(048) 922-3274

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