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Benefit for House-rent (Jyutaku Kakuho Kyufukin)

Simple Application Form is Available

This benefit is to providng subsidy equivalent to house-rent during a fixed period of time for the people who might lose their houses because of losing jobs or decreasing of income.

It is hard to connect by the phone, because a lot of inquiries are coming for the Jyutaku Kakuho Kyufukin (Benefit for House-ren).
So Soka City has made simplified application form on the website in order to avoid the congestion.
If you fill in the form and send back on the web the section in charge will contact with you for the consultation reservation.

* There are requirements for the subsidy
Before apply check the followings whether you are eligible or not.


Marugoto Support SOKA (Entire Support SOKA: Self-reliance Support Consultation Counter)
Tel.(048) 922-0185

Reception time: 8:30 am to noon, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on weekdays
Consultation is required a reservation in advance

CHECK LIST FOR Jyutaku Kakuho Kyufu-kin (Benefit for House-rent)

Eligible Person

●People who lost their jobs or self-employed who closed their businesses within two years.
●People who are same condition as the people who lost jobs such as:
Suspension of working by the order from their employers
Decreasing hours of part-time job
* There are other conditions.

Benefit Amount (roughly estimated)

Single household: 43,000 yen
Household with two people: 52,000 yen
Household with three people: 56,000 yen

How to be Paid

Soka City directly pays to the real estate companies or landlords.

Check Items

○Are your houses rental?

○Did you lose your job within two years?
Does your income decrease because of inevitable suspension of working or losing the chances of gaining income?

○Is your household's total income less than the following amount? * roughly
Single household: 124,000 yen
Household with two people: 175,000 yen
Household with three people: 213,000 yen

○How much is your household's savings? * roughly
Single household: 486,000 yen
Household with two people: 738,000 yen
Household with three people: 942,000 yen

○Did you support livelihood of your household?

If you check all the above items there is a high possibility to apply for this benefit.

Further Infomation

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