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Public Facilities to Be Reopened Sequentially

With Measures to Prevent Infection in Line with the New Lifestyle

The reopening may be reconsidered, depending on the situation of infection in Soka City.

In response to the lift of the declaration of the state of emergency by the nation, the public facilities in Soka City, which were closed for some time, and events and gatherings organized by Soka City, which were canceled or postponed, will be resumed sequentially.

Guideline of Reopening Public Facilities and Organizing Events

Based on the policies and guideline of Soka City, including the restriction of number of people using facilities, and the safety declaration of the new lifestyle by Saitama Prefecture, operation standards are established for each facility and measures are taken to avoid closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowded places with many people nearby and close-contact settings such as close-range conversations, so as to reopen the facilities sequentially.

Reopening Date

Outdoor facilities:
From June 15 (Mon) sequentially

Facilities not dealt under the "Manmaru Yoyaku" online reservation system, such as local playgrounds, will be reopened on June 8 (Mon).
The use for competition is limited.

Indoor facilities:
From June 15 (Mon) sequentially

If the severity caused by infection is anticipated, due to the characteristics of the facility, necessary measures will be taken and the date of reopening is decided case by case.

Events and gatherings:
From June 15 (Mon)

To be judged case by case, based on the standard of sequential softening of limitation for organizing events set up by the nation (Up to 200 people in outdoor facilities and up to 100 people in indoor facilities, with 50% of the maximum accommodation limit)

* From the viewpoint of the risk management of prevention of infection, the judgment will be made cautiously.

Opening up of school premises:
To be opened sequentially after the regular school days begin

To Those Who Use Public Facilities

The risk of infection is still around us.
In order to prevent infection, the appropriate actions of facility users are essential to prevent infection?not to be infected and not to spread infection.
In case the rules for using facilities are not observed, we may not be able to give you permission for using facilities.
Considering the prevention of infection, we will not charge cancellation fee when you cancel the reservation.

Daily Actions not to Be Infected and not to Spread Infection

  • Keep physical distance.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Wash your hands and rinse your mouth frequently.
  • Take your temperature and check your physical condition every morning.
  • Do not go out if you have fever or feel something wrong with your body.

Guidelines for Preventing Infection Related to the Reopening of Public Facilities

Restrictions for the use of public facilities

Common Points

(1)Those who have bad physical condition, such as fever, are not allowed to use the facilities or to participate in events in the facilities.
(2)The accommodation limit for each facility is to be observed strictly.
(3)The responsible person should have the contact list of all the members.
(4)Disinfect the facility after use.
(5)Be sure to ventilate the room during use.

Outdoor Facilities

(1)Keep physical distance among users.
(2)The competitions will be postponed for the time being.

Indoor Facilities

(1)Keep physical distance among users.
(2)The number of users should be limited under 50% of the accommodation limit.
(3)The number of people should be limited to 50 or less.

Events and Competitions

(1)The number of users should be 200 or less for outdoor facilities and 100 or less for indoor facilities. (Up to 50% of the seating capacity, so as to keep enough physical distance)
(2)Necessary measures should be taken to prevent infection.
(3)Observe the rules of reserving and of using each facility.

Some more points

(1)Wear a mask. (Not necessarily for outdoor activities)
(2)Disinfect hands and fingers at the entrance of the facility.
(3)The number of people and the hours of utilization hours should be in line with the rules.
(4)Keep the doors and windows open as much as possible.


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