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Looking Back the Typhoon No.19

Typhoon No.26
(October 16, 2013)
Typhoon No.26

Typhoon No.l9
(October 12, 2019)
Typhoon No.19

Major places covered by water Major places covered by water

Comparison of the amount of rain and of damage

Typhoon No.26 Typhoon No.l9
231.5 mm Total amount of rain 276.5 mm
41.5 mm Maximum amount of rain per hour 42.5 mm
57 routes Routes blocked 3 routes
70 places Flooded roads 14 places
312.6 ha Flooded area 18.07 ha
19 Inundation above floor level 0
138 Inundation below floor level 2

Measures to Be Continued to Mitigate Flood Damage

The typhoon No.19, which landed on the Honshu island, was one of the strongest typhoons ever, and much flood damage was anticipated in Soka City.
However, the drainage pump station newly established and the reinforced pumps kept the flood damage in Soka City to the minimum, compared to the typhoon damages of past years.

Torrential Rain Beyond Anticipation Occurring Often These Years
Soka City is preparing to take immediate actions in case of emergency.

Four Measures Based on the Lessons of the Typhoon No.19

In response to the typhoon No.19, the emergency management headquarters was established, evacuation centers were opened in 38 places and Soka City issued evacuation information for the first time, but a number of issues were identified.
To address the issues, the city will continue to take measures so as to protect the lives as well as the safety and security of citizens.

<Issue 1>
The determination criteria, including those of opening evacuation centers, are not clear enough.

Review the determination criteria to be easier to understand.

  • Taking into consideration the increasing size and the lengthening of impact of typhoons, the determination criteria should be improved to enable proactive judgement.

<Issue 2>
The organization to open evacuation centers is insufficient.

Cooperate with citizens in the community to establish management structure.

  • In the same way as in earthquake, determine in advance the staff in charge of the evacuation centers.
  • Through the disaster drill, build a relationship of mutual trust with the staff in the facilities and with the community.

<Issue 3>
The ways to use space in evacuation centers is unsatisfactory.

Simulate in advance how to use space.

  • Simulate in advance how to use space in evacuation centers, including space for pets and for those who need consideration of welfare.

<Issue 4>
We cannot get information from Soka City.

Send out information in more diversified methods.

  • Meet various needs, using means such as SNS and the system of informing the content of emergency broadcast on the telephone.

Policies to Prevent the Infection of the Novel Coronavirus
In Designated Evacuation Centers

What should I do if a flood should occur now ?

Evacuate to the second floor of your house, if possible.

In Soka City, in case a river overflows, it is not likely that water may come up to the second floor or higher of a building, so evacuate to the second floor or higher of a building rather than to an evacuation center.

So as to prevent the spread of infection of the novel coronavirus, we decided the following policies to prevent infection in evacuation centers.

Evacuate to the second floor of your house, if possible

Policies in evacuation centers

(1)Secure space. (Make use of vacant classrooms.)
(2)Secure hygienic environment. (Disinfect the place on a regular basis and prepare sanitary goods.)
(3)Take measures to prevent infection. (Wear a mask, ventilate rooms and wash hands.)
(4)Monitor people's health. (Take body temperature.)
(5)Take care of those who may be infected. (Prepare dedicated space to take care of them.)
(6)Deal with a case an evacuee develops some symptoms. (Prevent secondary infection.)

Prepare your own masks and disinfection liquid if possible.


Kiki Kanri-ka (Crisis Control Section)
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