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Events in Our City in February

Visit of Staff of Columbia Embassy in Japan
At Takasago and Hanaguri Minami Elementary Schools to Have Friendship Exchange


Soka City is a host town of the Republic of Columbia.
For the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, the Paralympic swimming team of Columbia is scheduled to have a pre-games training camp in Soka.

On February 21, friendship exchange sessions were held for Ms. Fernanda Vanegas, a staff of the Columbia Embassy, and elementary school students at Takasago and Hanaguri Minami Elementary Schools.
During the lecture, the climate, environment, culture and customs of Columbia were introduced, and students said, "I was excited to learn about Columbia for the first time."

At Hanaguri Minami Elementary School, friendship exchange was held over school lunch of local dishes of the Republic of Columbia.
While eating school lunch together, students opened their hearts, and some of them tried to communicate in English.


Students liked "Arroz con pollo," a traditional dish, like chicken pilaf, of South America.

Lecture by Mr. Kazuki Takahashi, a Boccia Player
At Seimon Elementary School, his Alma Mater

Mr. Takahashi was a member of the Japan boccia team of the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics, and now he is training to make an entry in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and to win a medal.

On February 21, a lecture was held, with Mr.Takahashi as a speaker, for 167 students in the 6th grade at Seimon Elementary School.
On the event day, some representing students tried throwing a ball, each student throwing one.
The students commented, "I understood how hard he worked by watching Mr. Takahashi's accuracy of control.
I want to challenge a lot of things without giving up." Mr. Takahashi gave a message in his lecture, as a graduate of Seimon Elementary School, "You have only one month to go before graduation.
Live each day with all your heart so as not to leave anything to be regretted later."


Boccia is an intellectual sports to compete how closely one can make his/her ball go to the target ball, just like carling.

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