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Subsidies for Lodging Facilities of Showa Village

A Sister City of Soka

Applications for the Fiscal Year 2020 to Be Received from March 23 (Mon), limited to Citizens of Soka


Part of the lodging fee is subsidized for those who stay in the lodging facilities of Showa Village, with the aim of making more opportunities for friendship exchange between citizens and villagers.
(To be closed as soon as the subsidies reach the budget)

Eligible people

Those who live in Soka City

Amount of subsidy

2,000 yen per night per person.
Up to three nights a year per person.


(1)Make a reservation at one of the lodging facilities in a table below.
(2)Hand in the application form distributed at Bunka Kanko-ka (Culture and Tourism Section), or downloaded from the website of Soka City, by the day before the lodging day (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), have it examined and receive the voucher.
(3)At the time of payment, hand in the voucher and the identity verification documents of all the eligible people who stay in the facility, to pay the lodging fee after the deduction of the subsidy.

Available facilities

Name of the accommodation facilityTelephone number
Showa Onsen (hot spring) Shirakaba So 0241-57-2585
Pension: Family Inn Bijyo Touge 0241-57-2870
Minshuku (private inn) Matsuya 0241-57-2283
Ryokan Showa-kan 0241-57-2230
Yasuragi-no-yado: Tomarigi 0241-57-3110
Kominka (traditional Japanese house) Guest House “Toaru Yado” 0241-57-3131
SHARE BASE Showa-mura 050-3695-3106
House for experience of country life 0241-57-2240


Bunka Kanko-ka (Culture and Tourism Section)
Tel.(048) 922-2403
FAX(048) 922-3406

Further Infomation

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Adress:〒340-8550 1-1-1 Takasago Soka Saitama