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Collect Accurate Information to Take Calm Actions

"Soka-shi anshin mail (Soka City safety information e-mail)" is convenient for collecting information.

The e-mail includes information about the situation and the countermeasures for the new coronavirus infections.


"Are you registered in the Soka City safety information e-mail ?


"Yes, I am registered. It's convenient because I receive information e-mail of Soka City on my cell phone or on my PC, such as disaster information, crime information that occurred in the city, the content of disaster prevention and administrative radio announcement."


"Is that right? But the registration is troublesome. I am not good at such kind of operation."

"Don't worry. It takes only one minute to register. It will make you lighthearted because you don't have to enter your personal information."

How to Register
(1)Send an e-mail to ( without the subject or the text.
(2)You receive an e-mail notifying the site for registration.
(3)Access the site for registration. Agree to the user policy, choose the kind of information you want, and you have completed the registration.


"If I can get information so easily, I might try."


Anshin Mail Call Center Tel.0570-055-783 (9:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. on weekdays) to be connected to the call center of the operating company

Soka-shi anshin mail

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