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Tokyo 2020 News Vol.7

110 Days to Go before the Torch Relay in Soka City
126 Days to Go before the Olympics
(from March 20, 2020)

Interviewing the Thoughts for the Tokyo 2020

The Olympic year has come! We are going to interview Olympians and Paralympians related to Soka City for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

For this issue, we interviewed members of the gymnastics team of the KONAMI Sports Club, whose training base is located in Soka City, to ask about the thoughts for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and to request a message for citizens.

Mr. Ryohei Kato


Born on September 9, 1993
Favorite events: Floor exercise and parallel bars
Resolutions for this year: Make the greatest possible effort
Mr. Kato won a silver medal in the men's team gymnastics of the London Olympics and a gold medal in the same event of the Rio Olympics. He is training for the entry of the special Olympics to be held in his own country, with the beautiful gymnastics performance he has been improving for four years.

Q: What do you feel about the Tokyo 2020 ?

I won a gold medal in the Rio Olympics, but the Tokyo Olympics is special.
I want to make an entry in the special Olympics where I can feel the excitement directly and can share the joy with people.

Q: Will you give a message to citizens of Soka ?

I was given a lot of cheers for the London and the Rio Olympics by citizens of Soka, my hometown.
I want to turn the cheers to my energy and express my gratitude with my performance.

Mr. Yuya Kamoto


Born on September 14, 1994
Favorite events: Rings, parallel bars and horizontal bar
Resolutions for this year: Defeat myself
Mr. Kamoto was the captain of the Japan team of the world gymnastics championship 2019, and won the triple crown of the rings, the vault and the parallel bars of the Toyota International Gymnastics Competition 2019.
He is making efforts to maintain the momentum of the last year to make the entry in the Olympics for the first time.

Q: What do you feel about the Tokyo 2020 ?

I want to make an entry in the coming Olympics by all means.
The Olympics has turned from a dream to a goal, and with a little more effort I may make it.
My best effort will yield results, I believe.

Q: Will you give a message to citizens of Soka ?

I am training to win a medal in the Olympics.
Representing citizens, I want to be an athlete you will be proud of and you will cheer up.

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