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Countermeasures to Novel Coronavirus by Soka City

Soka City established COVID-19 Response Headquarters and has been decided the countermeasure at any time.
Citizens are asked to remain calm based on reliable information.

Check the latest information on the website of Soka City

We will decide the countermeasure in response to a situation in the future, cancellation and postpone of the events and temporary closure of public facilities from Aprila 1, and it will be shown on the website of Soka City as needed.

Inquire on Novel Coronavirus to the Support Center for the Citizens in Saitama Prefecture

Saitama-ken Shin-gata Corona Virus Infection Kenmin Support Center
(Support Center for the citizens in Saitama Prefecture against COVID-19 Infection)
Open: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The followings are the countermeasure by Soka City as of March 11.

Countermeasure 1 (decided on February 20th)

Meetings/Events held by the Soka City or Soka City is a member of the executive committee of them are cancelled or postponed in principle until the end of March.

  • Unspecified large number of people are expected to attend
  • People who might be serious condition (* ) are expected to attend
    * The elderly (above 65 years old), persons with chronic diseases, persons who take immunosuppressant drugs or anticsncer drugs or pregnant women
  • The venues where high possibility of spreading infection (many chances of contacting with other persons, airtightness is high etc.) is expected

Countermeasure 2 (decided on March 2nd)

In principle temporary closure of public facilities (1 to 11 as below) until the end of March.

* Counter services are available after thoroughly taking prevention measures for infection spreading.

  1. Komin-kan/ Bunka Center (Public Halls and Culture Centers)
  2. Kinrou Fukushi Kaikan (Welfare Hall for Workers)
  3. Kinrou Seishonen Home (Welfare Home for Young Workers)
  4. Community Centers, Mini Community Centers, Shimin Katsudo Center (Support Center for Citizens' Activities)
  5. Sports facilities (Shimin Taiiiku-kan (Citizen's Gymnasium), Kinen Taiiku-kan (Commemoratice Gymnasium) and Tennis Court)
  6. Soka-shi Bunka Kaikan (Soka City Culture Hall)
  7. AKOS Hall, meeting rooms of AKOS
  8. Rekishi Minzoku Shiryo-kan (Historical Archives Building)
  9. Facilities for the elderly (Deai-no-mori and Fureai-no-sato)
  10. Facilities for the children (Jido-kans, Jido Centers (Child Centers) and Seishonen Koryu Center (Exchange Center for the children from 12 to 22 yrs old in Yatsuka)
  11. Others (Parks: in case of group use)

Response to the cancellation of public facilities in Soka City as a measure to novel coronavirus

  1. In case you have already paid the charge
    →In principle we ask the transfer of the use day; if it is impossible we pay back the charge.
  2. In case you want to cancel
    →We don't ask a cencellation fee.

Countermeasure 3 (decided on March 6th)

The public facilities where a novel coronavirus carrier is found will be temporarily closed

  1. Hoiku-en/Jido Club (Child Day Care Center/Pupils' club)
    • Two weeks temporary closure in case of a child (user) or a staff member is a virus carrier
    • The person in close contact with an infected patient will be ordered to stay home and partial use stop of the facility will be considered.
  2. The facilities concerned with administrative affairs or asministrative services
    • Administrative affairs/services will be suspended and the facility will be disinfected.
    • Reduction of functions will be considered depending on the situation

Countermeasure 4 (decided on March 11th)

70,000 stocked masks for disaster will be delivered to the facilities for the children, medical institutions and welfare facilities.


Shin-gata Corona Virus Taisaku Honbu, Kiki Kanri-ka (COVID-19 Control Headquarters in Crisis Control Sectio)
Tel.(048) 922-0614
FAX(048) 922-6591

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