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Children's Medical Expenses Provision System

Eligible Ages for Hospital Inpatient Expenses to Be Extended
Up to Age 18, from April 2020
To Provide Citizens with Access to Medical Care with Peace of Mind

Children’s Medical Expenses Provision System

Hospital inpatient expenses are provided until the first March 31 after reaching the age of 18.

Make an application for the registration of qualifications, if you are under the condition below.

Those who were born from April 2, 2002 to April 1, 2004

* Those who are in the 3rd grade of a junior high school or younger need no application for the registration of qualifications.

What to Prepare for Application ?

1 Application form for the registration of qualifications (*1)
2 A copy of the child's health insurance certificate
3 A copy of a bank account book in the name of the guardian

*1 Application forms were sent from mid-October 2019.

The new recipient certificate will be sent sequentially from the end of March.

Hospital outpatient expenses will be provided until the end of the fiscal year of age 15, as in the past.

What Is Children's Medical Expenses Provision System?

The system aims to improve children's health and to promote children's welfare, by providing part of the children's medical expenses.

In case of seeing a doctor at one of the medical institutions of Soka City, the payment of expenses for health insurance treatment is exempted as a general rule.(*2)

*2 Some of the medical expenses are excluded from this system, and payment is necessary for a part of certain expenses.

Children's Medical Expenses Provision System


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