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Events in Our City in November

Historical Archives Building
The Number of Visitors Reaches 300,000 on November 13

The 300,000th visitor to Rekishi Minzoku Shiryokan (Historical Archives Building), a 3rd grader of Yawata Kita Elementary School, and other visitors celebrated, opening the decorative paper ball.
The student was given the certificate and commemorative gifts, including Soka Senbei, and the building was filled with happiness.

Historical Archives Building

Since the opening in 1983, it has been our pleasure to receive a lot of visitors from in and around the city, for special exhibitions and as social studies field trips.
We will continue to make this facility more and more attractive as a base facility to preserve cultural properties of Soka City.

Mr. Hosokawa
Mr. Hosokawa, director

Disaster Drill to Operate Evacuation Centers
Held on November 9

A citizens' disaster drill to operate evacuation centers was held in all the 32 elementary and junior high schools in Soka City.
In this drill of the 3rd year, a collaboration was made with Saturday schools and over 4,000 students of 6th graders of elementary schools and 2nd grader of junior high schools participated in the drill with members of the evacuation center operating committee and city employees.
The drill included how to use stockpiles in evacuation centers, how to make temporary toilets, how to carry an injured person on a litter and how to use a fire extinguisher - which ranged from disaster prevention knowledge also useful in daily life to the assumption of life in an evacuation center.

Junior high school students spreading mats to open an evacuation center
Junior high school students spreading mats to open an evacuation center

Information from Soka City about Disaster and Crime Prevention

Make registration to receive safety information e-mail.
Visit the website of Soka City  or contact the call center (Tel. 0570-055-783) for registration and for details.

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