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Carrying Away of Recyclable Garbage Prohibited

Your Cooperation Needed to Make Environments to Discourage Carrying Away

The unauthorized carrying away of the recyclable garbage, such as waste paper, placed in the garbage stockyard is prohibited by regulations, and a fine up to 200,000 yen will be imposed on the offender.

The recyclable garbage is precious resources entrusted by citizens and is valuable assets.
The collected amount and the price of recyclable garbage during the fiscal year 2018 were about 2,854 tons of waste paper worth about 10,780 thousand yen and about 373 tons of aluminum cans worth about 58,710 thousand yen.

Your cooperation will be appreciated to make environments to discourage carrying away.

Notices and Signboards as Preventive Measures Being Distributed

Attach a notice on recyclable garbage to declare that it is recyclable garbage, and place a signboard nearby. Signboards are distributed at the Kankyo Gyomu Center (Environmental Services Center) and Kurashi Anzen-ka (Life Safety Section); notices can be downloaded from the website of Soka City. 

Notices and Signboards

Take Measures in Group Collection, Too

Unauthorized carrying away of recyclable garbage is also occurring in group collections, including resident groups. Take measures such as (1) to decrease the number of stockyards, (2) to make stockyards in places privately owned by individuals, (3) to divide the collection areas and collection days to finish collecting in a short period of time, (4) to cover the stockyard with cardboard or a net placed on the regular garbage stockyard to prevent it from being in plain view.

Make a Phone Call at the Sight of an Offender

Soka City is patrolling regularly to watch out for unauthorized carrying away of recyclable garbage. In case you see an offender, notify the Soka Police or Haikibutsu Shigen-ka (Refuse and Recycle Section) about the date and time, the place, the characteristics of an offender, the license number and the color of the car, etc.


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