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Citizens' Welfare Funeral System

Citizens' Welfare Funeral System is to subsidize part of the funeral expenses for the citizens who have an economical difficulty to perform the funeral.
Both of the persons who died and perform the funeral have to be registered in a basic resident register in Soka City.

The funeral must be done in a standard style (funeral hall, car for bearing the body, alters, coffin, urn and cremation) stipulated by Soka City.
A citizen only bears 50,000 yen by this Welfare Funeral System.
Additional fee may be necessary depending on the milage of the funeral car or keeping fee of coffin etc.
Soka City cannot admit the funeral involves eating and drinking as a Citizens' Welfare Funeral.

For apply

The person who is responsible for the funeral contacts with one of the designated funeral homes in the list below and tell them to use this Welfare Funeral System. And then submit the application form and Death Certificate to Shimin-ka (Registers Section) at City Hall.

List of designated funeral homes

* 0120: Free dial

Name of funeral firmsTel. numberAddress of firm
and (funeral hall)
Hongo-ya Inc. 048-931-4444 Shinmei 1-11-4
Fukushi Sousai Inc. 0120-4949-29 Yatsuka-cho 836-5
(Sezaki 5-29-25; in Saiou-ji temple)
Alpha Club Musashino Inc. 0120-33-8411 Asahi-cho3-1-1
(Sagami Ceremony Soka Sousai Center)
Shin-ai Inc. 0120-66-2186 Hikawa-cho 2139-18
(Shin-ai Ceremony Hall)
048-924-0144 Nishi-cho 1450-1
(Family Hall)
Tokan Inc. 048-927-0044 Hikawa-cho 833
(Tokan Memorial Soka)
048-926-7800 Hikawa-cho 2124-5
(Tokan Memorial Soka Eki-mae)


Shimin-ka (Registers Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1526
FAX(048) 920-1501

Further Infomation

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