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Financial Assistance for Medical Expenses to Single Parent Family

Please submit a Genkyo Todoke (present condition report) by November 29 (Fri.)

Soka City supports the single parents who are raising children by bearing a part of medical treatment expenses of the household.

Subjected people

Mother/father and guardian who is covered by National Health Insurance or Social Insurance.
Besides she/he or her/his child meets one of the following conditions:

(1)not a same household of his/her mother/father because of parents' divorce or death (including missing)
(2)parents or mother/father suffer(s) from a certain disability
(3)a child is deserted for one year and more
(4)mother/father received the DV protection order from the court
(5)mother/father is detained according to the law for one year and more
(6)a mother who bore a child out of wedlock

Qualification of a child

  • Under 18 year-old (until the next March 31 after his/her 18 year birthday)
  • Under 20 year-old who suffers from a certain disability (until the previous day of his/her 20 year-old birthday)

Income Limitation

See the table below

The judgment is made based on income and number of dependents for the calendar year 2018 (January 1 to December31 of 2018).
Fuyou Gimu-sha (Supporter under Duty): A lineal relative (parents, grand-parents, children, brothers/sisters etc.) who share living with an applicant (mother/father/guardian).

Income Limitation Amount

Number of dependentFather/Mother/GuardianFuyou Gimu-sha
(Supporter under Duty)
0 Less than 1,920,000 yen Less than 2,360,000 yen
1 Less than 2,300,000 yen Less than 2,740,000 yen
2 Less than 2,680,000 yen Less than 3,120,000 yen
3 Less than 3,060,000 yen Less than 3,500,000 yen
4 Less than 3,440,000 yen Less than 3,880,000 yen

Genkyo Todoke (present condition report)

City Hall sent a notice of Genkyo Todoke (present condition report) to the families who are receiving this support at the end of October. Please go through the procedure by November 29 (Fri.).
A family who had already submitted a Genkyo Todoke (present condition report) for Jido Fuyou Teate (Child Support Allowance) needs no procedure.


Kosodate Shien-ka (Parenting Support Section)

Further Infomation

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