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Autumn Nationwide Fire Prevention Campaign

【motto】Confirm one by one saying "OK?" and Watch out for fire?
Autumn Nationwide Fire Prevention Campaign starts from November 9 (Sat.) to 15 (Fri.).

32 fires occurred in Soka and Yashio Area as of the end of September, 2019; one person died and eight
were wounded in fires.
Don't forget to install, inspect and maintain the residential smoke alarm devices to prevent fires.

Five focused targets

(1)Promoting fire prevention measures (installation or maintenance of residential smoke alarm device)
(2)Promoting incendiary fire prevention measures
(3)Enforcement of security measures for the properties (theaters, restaurants, schools, hospitals etc.) under fire prevention completely
(4)Promoting to prevent occurrence of a fire caused by the products
(5)Enforcement of fire prevention direction for the events in which many audiences participate

【7 points to protect your lives】-- 3 Customs & 4 Measures --

3 Customs

  • Don't smoke in bed
  • Don't use stove/heater near flammable products
  • Turn off the gas stove when you leave there

4 Measures

  • Install residential smoke alarm devices not to be left behind
  • Use flame-retardant bedding, curtain and clothes
  • Install fire extinguishers to put out a fire before it becomes big
  • Build a cooperation system in neighborhood to protect the elderly and the people with disabilities


Soka Yashio Shoubou Kyoku Yobo-ka (Fire Prevention Section in Soka Yashio Fire Bureau)
Tel.(048) 996-0660
FAX(048) 997-1300


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