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Soka Street Walking Tour

Along the Nikko Road Soka-shuku and Soka Matsubara
To Be Held on September 23 (Holiday)
Participants Invited

This is an experience-based tour to enjoy hand-baking experience of Soka Senbei, one of the local industries and to taste tea served at "Zenso-an," a rest station, while walking around historic sites along Soka-shuku and Soka Matsubara. Participants will be presented Soka Senbei.

Soka City Tourism Association
Soka-shuku Annainin-no-kai (Guides Association)
Soka-shuku Shinmei-an Operating Committee

Soka Street Walking Tour

Rekishi Minzoku Shiryokan (Historical Archives Building)
Soka-shuku Shinmei-an
Soka Matsubara
Tofukuji Temple

Date and time

September 23 (Holiday), 10:00 a.m. ~ 4:00 p.m.

Meeting place

Soka Station east exit


30 people

Participation fee

2,000 yen (including lunch and tea)


Make a phone call or send an e-mail to Bunka Kanko-ka (Culture and Tourism Section) by September 2 (Mon), notifying the address and phone number of the representing person and the names and ages of all the participants. Lot drawing will be conducted by group in case of too many applications. The results will be notified from September 6 (Fri) by postal mail or e-mail.


Bunka Kanko-ka (Culture and Tourism Section)
Tel.(048) 922-2403
FAX(048) 922-3406

Soka Street Walking Tour

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