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New Daycare Center at Nissato-cho will Open in October

Accept the application from August 6 (Tue.) to September 10 (Tue.) .


(tentative name) Nissato-no-Kaze Hoiku-en (Daycare Center)
Address: Nissato-cho 1498-3

Eligible age

6 month old ~5 years old infants


90 infants

Hours of childcare

7:00 am to 7:00 pm from Monday through Saturday
* Inquiry about the facility: Tel.(048) 921-2310 (Nissato-no-Mori Hoiku-en)

For Apply

August 6 (Tue.) to September 10 (Tue.) for entering from October
(Designated date of every month from entering in November and after)

Hoiku-ka (Child Day Care Section)
(Application is available at the daycare center you use now if you want to change to a new center.)

Necessary Documents

  • New application (person who apply for the first time)…A set of application form by Soka City
  • Moving (person who change the center)…A set of moving daycare center form by Soka City
  • Waiting (person who is on the waiting list)…Notification of changing the daycare center


Hoiku-ka (Child Day Care Section)
Tel (048) 922-1491
FAX(048) 922-3274

Further Infomation

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